Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sophia

silly sissy girl

Her first pair of "high heels"

This umbrella was her Great Great Grandmother Mary Sophia's

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Georgie

Justin and I weren't married long, about 4 months actually when we found out we were having a baby. We were so excited and a little more nervous! I knew it was a boy, I would barely even discuss a girl's name. The name George is a beloved family name, and it fits him perfectly. ;)

I knew George was going to be a strong willed one. When I was pregnant he would get his little toes snuggled in my back just right to be uncomfortable enough to cause sleepless nights. I'd push on my back and say, "Please baby George move your toes." and he would...for a moment...then stick them right back in my ribs. I betcha he was giving my that sly grin of his. :)

His birth story, wow what journey that was. 24 hours of labor, the epidural which was placed 4 times never took. 4 hours of pushing, and FINALLY he was delivered via c-section. I told you, he was a stubborn one from the beginning. OH BUT WAS HE PERFECT! By the time he was born I wasn't very coherent...but I sure remember that beautiful cry!

April 9th 2005 8lbs 14oz George was ours. <3

He was a sweet little baby. He was less than a year old when Justin was deployed again, and he and I were the best of buddies. Looking back, I'm so grateful for that time I had with him, just he and I. Ack, yeah here are the Mama tears.

Ok so before I get all weepy, I wanted to share his 5 year old pictures with you all. I promised him I wouldn't take many (he's so not into the camera these days) so I took him in the back yard and shot just a few. He has grown SO much. I've also included his 4 year old birthday video I made last year. My computer crashed last year and lost all my digital images (I know lesson learned) and it BREAKS MY HEART not to be able to add to the video this year. However, it's a little photographic journey through the years, and as a Mama I never get tired of his sweet baby pictures.


His 4th Birthday Video-